20 Days of Prayer and Devotionals

This spiritual exercise was intentionally designed to be flexible, so that you can participate and start at any level you feel comfortable. Just be assured that as you prayerfully surrender yourself to God and sincerely seek Him through the daily devotions, scripture readings and prayers provided, you will begin to experience the presence and power of God in ways unimaginable. As you get ready for this 20-day journey or how ever many days God has placed in your heart to fast, just ask Him to prepare you physically, mentally and spiritually. Whether your purpose for fasting is for spiritual renewal or revival, for strength to overcome personal struggles, for physical or emotional healing, for the resolution of family problems, or for God’s direction concerning major decisions in your life, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your prayers. Remember that whatever concerns our peace concerns God. As you prepare for this season of prayer and fasting take a few minutes and write down some of the pressing issues and burdens of your heart that you would like to bring before God. Our greatest desire is that everyone who participates in this fast will be drawn closer to God and experience His presence and power during this 20-day season of prayer and fasting

We will be having special Friday night prayer services at 7pm.

We encourage you to register as a participant in the fast – we will use your email address or cell phone to send you the daily devotions and scripture readings.

We look forward to our church family’s participating, and we are excited about the things God will do in our community as we continue to pray, love and serve!  If you have any questions about AWAKENING, please contact us.


Daily Devotional Readings

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(Day 1) devotion
(Day 2) devotion
(Day 3) devotion
(Day 4) devotion
(Day 5) devotion
(Day 6) devotion
(Day 7) devotion
(Day 8) devotion
(Day 9) devotion
(Day 10) devotion
(Day 11) devotion
(Day 12) devotion
(Day 13) devotion
(Day 14) devotion
(Day 15) devotion
(Day 16) devotion
(Day 17) devotion
(Day 18) devotion
(Day 19) devotion
(Day 20) devotion